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Ioana Cretoiu is an architect by profession. In 2013 she attended the Punct… creative writing course held by one of Romania’s most important contemporary writers, Cristian Teodorescu. Over the years she has published in various literary magazines (Romania literara, Dilema, LiterNet). A number of her texts were included in the collection I Was Alive in the Communist Period, edited by Ioana Parvulescu (Humanitas, 2015). Her collection of short stories Difficult Choices marks her publishing...

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Short stories, Ego.Prose series, Polirom, 2016, 216 pages

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Stories of ordinary people confronting everyday hardships, stories of successful people, the happy holidays of a family whose father works in a different town, life in a hospital ward... A delightful combination of autobiography and fiction, Ioana Cretoiu’s prose provides a kaleidoscopic image of a Romania familiar to many of today’s readers. Oscillating between tenderness, irony and sadness, memories of childhood at the beginning of the communist regime are juxtaposed with stories of ingenious adaptation to the food shortages and absurdity of life under Ceausescu, as well as the depopulation of the villages, students going to study abroad, and the loss of moral reference points.


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