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Eugen Uricaru was born on 1 November 1946. In 1968 he founded the Echinox literary group and magazine. In 1974 he made his debut with a collection of novellas: On Purple. In 1977 he published the novel Pyre and Flame, which was translated into German and Hungarian, and in 1978 a collection of short stories, Antonia, which was published in translation in Russia, Macedonia and Serbia. His subsequent novels include Honey (translated in German and Hungarian), Awaiting the Vanquishers (republished as Waiting for the Barbarians in 1999, published in translation in France, Russia, Vietnam and Hungary), Vladya (also published in Hungary and Russia), and The Plot. In 2006, he published the novel Submission (published in French translation), followed by How Heavy an Angel Might Weigh and Back-up...

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Novel, Prose series, Cartea Romaneasca, 2014, 240 pages

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Benjamin was born in a maize field on the edge of a town at the far end of the country and was raised in the humble family of a carpenter. As the communist dictatorship hurtles towards collapse, the carpenter’s son begins to exert an inexplicable attraction over hundreds of pilgrims, who make long journeys to meet him and speak with him, even if only for a moment. Although the Securitate keep him under close surveillance, the young man manages to vanish, and on the eve of the events of 16 December 1989, it appears that he is in Timisoara.

Also in the city is Neculai Craciun, who has just killed Todor Grancea – his friend and accomplice of a lifetime, to whom he had been bound by a shared history, which began in 1945 and which ends now, in cold blood – and is about to arrange for the first victims of the Timisoara uprising to be taken to the crematorium. Having erased the traces of the crimes they committed together and having accomplished his mission to incinerate the victims, Craciun will try to unravel the mystery of how the Revolution was unleashed, the miracle whereby thousands of people dared to confront the authorities and defy death, while at the same time putting into effect his back-up plan, hatched along with the people in the System: operation Fata Morgana.

Nominated for Romania literara Book of the Year 2014 and the Union of Romanian Writers Prizes, 2014



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