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The time when he worked for a private firm, with a more than satisfactory wage, had passed. Once, just once since he was laid off, he managed – from his dole money, which he was still receiving at the time, and from his work as an amateur dogcatcher – to put aside a sum sufficient for three litres. He phoned me up then too. And he set about drinking, happy. All the while he talked to me about suicide. Philosophically, pathetically, but at the same time enthusiastically, as though it were a question of the supreme creative act of which man might be capable. In the end, in order to justify his claim, he went on to biblical arguments

 Arhiva tradarii si a miniei
Fotograful Curtii Regale
Drumul egal al fiecarei zile
Viata fictiunii dupa o revolutie
Asediul Vienei
Vietile paralele
Sebastian, ceilalti si-un ciine
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